How use the loader

First of all, need disable LoaderEncryption or similar class in your source (That class are alternating password).

  1. Now you can put all files of downloaded zip file of Conquer Loader in the root of client.
  2. Run the loader for first time, the software are created a config.json.
  3. Run the loader again and click to Settings button. Now can configure the server connection and some settings of Loader
  4. If all your config its ok you can run the Loader again and all working

Loader check automatically if you have a Env_DX8 or Env_DX9 folder for run Conquer executable from this folder


Check if have the default encryption key for Conquer.exe (Change depending in the version of client). In constants.cs of your public source need check if GameCryptKey is the same of the Conquer.exe of your client.

It’s easy. Do you agree with that?